Access control

Access control is a system of organizing more efficient access of departing passengers to the gate.

On the counter of access control passengers must show the boarding pass and a valid identity document.

Airport staff controls the number, dimensions and mass of hand baggage, after which they instruct the passenger to security checks.

Priority will be given to parents with babies (up to 2 years old) and passengers accompanied by airport staff belonging to one of the categories of passengers who need assistance with travel.

Security screening

Security control of passengers, hand baggage and carry-on items is carried out immediately before the passport control and entry into the waiting area, where the gates are located.

When passing through the security control, passengers should remove all the metal  objects  from their pockets (phones, keys, change etc) and remove their properly packed liquids, gels and aerosols (LAGs)* aswell as electronic devices such as laptops, cameras from their cabin baggage and stored them in a plastic containers. Also, passengers should remove the jacket or coat and depending on the case also shoes.

If you have a metal implant installed, you must notify the airport security staff and provide medical documentation.  If metal object is used for prosthetic purposes, passenger check will be carried out in a separate dedicated cabin at the gate entrance.

If you have a heart pacemaker or some other reason why passing through security screening may cause health problems, please inform airport security staff before passing through security screening.

*In hand baggage, liquids, gels and aerosols can be carried if packed in the transparent plastic bags with a maximum capacity of 100 ml per item and total allowed volume of 1000 ml liquid per passenger. Transparent plastic bags can be requested from the airport staff.

Please observe restrictions related to items forbidden in baggage. You can find more about items forbidden in baggage on the “Baggage” tab or get information at the airport from the airport staff.

During the security control, it is essential that the instructions of the airport security staff are followed strictly.

Passport control

Passport control is located at the exit and entrance to the country.

For departing flights, the passport control is located immediately after the place where the security control is performed.

For arrival flights, a passport control is located immediately after entering the airport terminal building.

The documentation required for the flight depends on the country to which you are flying. More information about the documents when traveling abroad and the visa regime can be found at the selected airline company, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, or at the diplomatic and consular representative office of the destination country.

For travel to Serbia, you can find information on the general conditions and visa regime on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia. Detailed information can be obtained at the embassy, consulate or at the diplomatic and consular representative office of the Republic of Serbia on the non-resident basis abroad.

When planning a trip it is necessary for you to check the expiration date of your personal document and ask about the necessary funds for traveling.

If you transfer while traveling, ask whether you will need a transit visa. Also, inquire about the necessary documentation if you are traveling abroad with an underage person.


Customs is located before the passport control on departure from the country and after passport control upon arrival in the country.

If on arrival in the country you have goods that are subject to customs duties or goods/items whose import is not allowed, use the marked “red passageway” after the passport control. Otherwise, use the “green passageway”.

Special permits are required for import or export of pet animals, plants, live animals, products of animal origin, works of art and antiques, amateur radio stations, etc.

All additional information on customs regulations and passenger rights and obligations can be obtained at the Republic of Serbia Customs administration website

Information on customs regulations in the country you are traveling to can be provided by Customs administration of the destination country