Cargo operations

PE “Niš Airport“ Niš is, after the “Nikola Tesla” airport in Belgrade, the largest airport in Serbia that carries out cargo services.

PE “Niš Airport“ Niš is equiped to handle cargo operations and the servicing of modern passenger and cargo planes. It is equiped with equipment designed specifically for these servces, vehicles and cargo trailers for the purpose of transporting cargo, palettes and containers, as well as other equipment.

The commodity-customs terminal for state-wide and foreign traffic PE “Niš Airport“ Niš has a customs storage of (530m² + 100m²), a commodity storage of 438m² and a business space for the cargo service, freight forwarding organizations and customs administrations.

The cargo service deals with the accepting and shipping of goods (loading and unloading cargo), the storage of air shipments and the production of documentation. The service is in charge of the accepting, shipping, transshipment and storage of godds and motor vehicles under the customs surveilance. It is also in charge of the general business and functionality of the commodity, customs and other storages which are owned by the business, the production and quality control of the necessary documentation. The service offers billing services and gives orders for the invoicing of storage, transshipment and billing of other services. The cargo service works with customs, freight forwarding, inspection, police and all other services that are involved in the process of customs clearance, storage and handling of goods.

Goods are stored in a warehouse (Public customs warehouse type A) with a surface area of 630m². The warehouse is equiped with modern loading-unloading and towing equipment: two forklifts with a load capacity of 3 and 5 tons, two tractors, four manual forklifts and a trailer for transporting goods.

Stored goods are secured.

A cargo loader with a load capacity of 7 tons, a palett trailer with a load capacity of 7 tons and a tow vehicle are used for loading and unloading cargo onto and off of aircraft.


Tel: 064/880-3564

Freight forwarding

PE “Niš Airport“ Niš has closed contracts with commodity agents (freight forwarding organizations), through which we offer efficient and responsible execution of obligationsthat fall under this assortment of services:

  • organizing the transportation of commodities via regular or charter flights to all destinations
  • informing the recipient of the arrival of goods
  • performing customs procedures
  • transportation of goods to and from destinations of users on the teritory of Serbia

Customs representation is carried out by licensed customs agents, with the submission of documents to the customs authorities as soon as possible, with regular monitoring and notification of users about changes in regulations.

To contact commodity agents which have closed contracts for accepting and shippng good from PE “Niš Airport“ Niš, visit:

  • Navigator Kargo agent
  • Intereuropa
  • Transfera


Vladimir Radojević

Head of cargo service

Tel: 064/880-3574

Bratislav Mihajlović

chief storekeeper

Tel: 064/8803361