Infants (age from 4 days to 2 years of age) do not occupy special seats on the plane yet sit in the lap of an adult, even though they are issued a boarding pass for boarding. When booking, be sure to emphasize that you are traveling with a baby, and indicate the date of birth. For the baby, you can book a separate passenger seat that you pay according to the rates for children and in this case is required the use of a car seat for children which is certified for air travel. The baby must travel accompanied by an adult of appropriate age , the rules are different depending on the airline. Per precise information, contact the selected airline.

Infants up to two years of age have the opportunity for free transport of one strollers or a car seat for children. You can hand them over to the staff at the airport check-in counters or at the entrance to the plane, sure, about that, previously notify staff at the airport during registration on flight.

Children in the age of 2 to 14 years old, have special seats on the plane, as well as adults. There is no limit of the number of children traveling with an adult. Children must be on the same reservation as an adult with whom they are traveling with. Per precise information, contact the selected airline, when purchasing tickets.